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    Agent Spotlight: Bert Summerville-Kain

    Bert Summerville-Kain
    Bert Summerville-Kain



    This is Bert.   She wears many hats, spins many plates, plays many roles.   However you say it, Bert is one busy lady.

    As a kid vacationing in Seaside, my dad would give me $20 “spending money”.   Every year, I blew it at Quincy Avenue Art & Things, a quirky store with unique toys, art & art supplies for artists of all ages and skill level.

    Bert is the owner of this magical store, which was recently profiled in The Thirty-A Review.   


    “I call my store the ‘fun art store – not the ‘fine’ art store,” Bert explains.



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    The possibilities are endless once you step inside Bert’s wonderland, located in the heart of Seaside in Early Morning Hours – the artist district of Seaside.   She lives above the store in a European loft style apartment, only she has a terrace with a 360° view of Seaside and the Gulf beyond.   You can see what I’m talking about here & here.  Which brings me to another hat.   Bert runs a successful vacation rental business as well & she can tell you a thing or two about an income producing investment property.  Like this fabulous listing she represents just across the courtyard from her own residence.


    Local Artist Sharon Kator Utilizes Sand & Recycled Glass
    047 (533x800)
    Magnetic Dress-Up!












    “Nothing satisfies me more than achieving major accomplishments.   Throughout my life and in every endeavor I have pursued, I have always held myself to the highest standard.  I especially relate this to my career and my clients.”

    If you find yourself in Seaside this summer, be sure to swing by Quincy Avenue Art & Things, you will be pleased to find a store as fun & stylish as Bert herself.   The store participates in Seaside’s famed First Friday Art Walk, featuring live art demonstrations & libations.

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