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Alys Beach Crafted Returns October 2023

After an extremely successful first run last October, Alys Beach Crafted is back again for another round October 25-28. Hosted by Alys Beach and a multitude of sponsors, Alys Beach Crafted’s goal is to bring the community together to recognize the people who enrich the 30A experience and to tell the stories behind crafted beverages, culinary talent, artistry and workmanship. All proceeds from the festival will be donated to the Cultural Arts Alliance of Walton County, an organization that has fostered creativity and provided artistic opportunities in our area for more than three decades.

Across four days, there are four main events festival goers can expect among many other options listed on their website here.

Firkin Fété

This is the third year for Firkin Fété and the beginning of everything for Alys Beach Crafted. After how well received the original event was in 2019, it has expanded into the much larger event we have today. A Firkin, for those who are confused, is an 11-gallon keg of beer. In the 15th century, they were kept in cellars by pub owners to keep the beer cool. During this event, never-before-tasted firkins of beer from local and regional breweries will be tapped and enjoyed. The flavors are unknown even to the brewers themselves! The tasting is accompanied by live music and a curated selection of tasty treats.

Spirited Seminars

Spread throughout the festival are opportunities to listen to talented mixologists from around the world who have come to share their craft. This year, the speakers begin with a wine seminar from Sarah Pierre at Neat followed by Lou Bank of SACRED Agave.

Then, things move to Holiday Cafe where Jose Medina will discuss coffee cocktails. Immediately afterward on the Zuma Wellness Center lawn, Miles Macquarrie of The Kimball House and Neal Bodenheimer of Cure Nola will discuss the “Mr. Potato Head Cocktail Theory.” At the same time, guests have the option of learning from Keyatta Mincey-Parker and Stephanie Saputo, the women behind “A Sip of Paradise” who will discuss sustainable practices when making cocktails.

Finally, guests can enjoy music and cocktails with Eric Bennett of Continental Drift and Ricky Lyn of Singani63 or boat drinks with Whitney Hobbs and Rob Crabtree of their bar of the same name, “Boat Drinks.”

Tickets are selling fast so it is strongly recommended that you reserve as soon as possible.

The Makers Market

The Alys Beach Crafted Makers Market will be open from 3 to 6 p.m. October 27 and noon to 4 p.m. October 28. A specially curated group of artisans will display their works and share their skills with participants. All items will be available for purchase. There will also be live music and tasty treats and refreshments available for purchase as well. No tickets are required for this event and there is no entrance fee.

Spirited Soiree

On the final day of the festivities at North Pedestrian Path, there will be handcrafted cocktails and spirits provided by mixologists who have been paired with designated distilleries. Tastings will be offered and guests will be able to hear about the creative process being each cocktail and spirit. This is a unique opportunity to learn and take home some of the new trends in the beverage industry.

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Whether you want to try something new, learn a new skill or just give back to the community, Alys Beach Crafted is a unique opportunity in our community worth checking out.

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