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Art Attack: Digital Graffiti On An Extraordinary Canvas

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “The love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.” For those who have found themselves lost in the simplistic complexities of Alys Beach, one could say the community as a whole is a mass-scale art exhibit. However, one weekend per year, the community takes it a step further and turns the white parapet walls of 30A’s most architecturally cohesive community into a breathtaking experience of light and design. 

Named to National Geographic’s “Top 24 Unconventional Art Destinations Around the World,” Digital Graffiti will host its 15th interpretation during the weekend of May 13-14. Uniting the scale of the community’s architecture with designs submitted by artists around the globe, the Alys Foundation provides funding to push digital artwork further, ensuring its consumption in the public space is more accessible. 

Most literally explained as a laser light show beaming along the high walls of the properties within the community, art lovers can experience the open-air event, meandering through the communities streets, alleys and walkways, taking in the large format artwork being showcased for all to enjoy. 

Friday night kicks off the event with an adults-only (21+) evening, which includes food and beverages designed to enhance the outdoor art experience. Tickets are available for $175 each, while adult and children’s tickets are available for Saturday night for $60 and $25, respectively. Food trucks will be onsite with food and drink to purchase at the event. 

Tickets are available to purchase now.

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