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Beach Inspired: Color Palettes for 2020 and Beyond

Whether you’re building a custom home or remodeling an existing one, the list of design decisions can be a long one. What type of garage doors will you choose? Should the color of your roof be black or brown? Which floor plan will best fit your needs?

It may seem like a neverending project, but rest assured, eventually, you get to do the fun stuff like choosing countertops, flooring, paint colors, window treatments and accessories. Selecting a color palette when you live along the coast can sometimes feel like, well, you’re painting yourself into a corner. Traditional coastal color schemes of grays and whites tend to dominate the area’s real estate and real estate photography — and for good reason. These choices are classics, sure to fit many styles and preferences.

We got in touch with Wendy Anguiano at Design and Dwell Homes to talk about what coastal palettes for 2020 and beyond might look like. Wendy said she draws inspiration from Sherwin-Williams Color Trends and mixes those with the existing coastal hues of the Emerald Coast to create some favorite colors for 2020 sure to enhance your beach home.

Whether painting the walls or exterior of the home, making your cabinets a bit unique or adding pops of color in furnishings and accessories, you can’t go wrong with these choices.



Sleepy Blue (SW 6225)

A great ocean blue that will make your room feel soft and serene.

Mountain Air (SW 6224)

With a little more of the emerald green hue in it, this color is sure to add elegance and intrigue to your home.

Misty (SW 6232)

Everyone loves a nice shade of gray!  Misty brings a nice neutral tone to the mix.

Pure White (SW 7005)

You can never go wrong with an off-white. Mixing whites is a timeless classic that will always be in style. It lends itself to mixing up your colors with furnishings and accessories easier than color.

For those who are a bit more adventurous, there are some popular color trends we just have to talk about. “Southwest” is all the rage right now and so are soft blush gues. Here are a few of Wendy’s favorites for those willing to think a little further outside the box:

Tassel (SW 6369)

Endless Sea (SW 9150)

These two colors mixed together can be fun, especially if one is used on an accent wall and the other in your accessories.

Breathless (SW 6022)

Grayish (SW 6001)

Soft shades of blush and gray or white are a current way to stay on-trend and still have that serene feeling at the beach.  Add this into a bedroom to mix it up a bit.

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2 Responses to “Beach Inspired: Color Palettes for 2020 and Beyond”

  • Alice Bell
    Written on

    Chris sold me a unit in Adagio that has 18th square tiles in all areas except the bedrooms which are carpeted. I think you can view several current listings at Adagio to see these floors. ?Should we consider covering the tiles with a quality wood look vinyl to give the unit a more updated appearance? Or leave the tile and go for a more classic look? What is the market trend and should we follow it? Thank you, Alice

    • Chris Abbott
      Written on

      Alice – thanks for the comments! I’ve always viewed Adagio as a classic Mediterranean style development. Most owners who have updated their units have left the tile floors in the entry, hallway, and living area, yet changed the carpet in the bedrooms to a wood floor or type of wood floor designed material. So I might recommend you consider doing that in the bedrooms, but leaving the tile floors in the main living area, kitchen, etc. The market trend has been consistent with higher demand for updated and newer properties along our coast, especially when in the crisp, clean coastal style our market embraces. Hope this helps and thanks again for the comments.

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