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Business Beacon: Inside Nigel’s 30A

Editor’s note: This month’s Business Beacon is a spotlight on Nigel’s 30A. Having opened summer 2021, Nigel’s has bananas down cold. We talked to owner Marla Carter about the new venture from her gourmet frozen bananas to boozy floats. Check them out on Facebook or Instagram.

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1. How did you get the idea or concept for your business?

MC: Simon’s father, Nigel, passed away when he was 18. After he passed, he came to Simon in a dream and told him many things, but at the end he said, “Bananas will play a significant role in your life.” Since then, Simon has always had an interest in the meaning behind this strange message. He became fascinated with the many health benefits of bananas and began eating them all the time, all different ways! When we were trying to think of a name for our banana business, Nigel’s seemed like a perfect fit!

2. Let’s discuss numbers: What year did you open? How many locations do you have? How many people do you employ?

All photos courtesy of Marla Carter

MC: We opened at the end of May. We only have one location right now but we hope to grow. Currently, we have 10 employees.

3. What do you sell or what service do you provide? What’s your best seller?

MC: Chocolate-dipped bananas and ice cream bars, topped with goodies. Root beer floats, craft beer, biodynamic bines and boozy floats: Prosecco with a mango sorbet bar. We also have merch and other small goodies.

4. What’s unique about what you do or offer?

MC: No one else in the area is doing anything like this! Our chocolate is the same gourmet chocolate used in fine dining restaurants. We have many vegan options.

5. How would you describe your business to a potential customer?

MC: Absolutely delicious! 🙂

6. What do you love most about your line of work?

MC: Fun working environment, unique product, great location.

7. What sorts of trends are you seeing in your industry?

MC: Similar concepts are popping up but mostly on the West Coast. We are excited to bring it to this part of the world.

8. Tell me in just a sentence or two what you feel sets you apart from your competitors.

MC: We are very different from your average ice cream shop. Bananas and dairy-free chocolate offer a healthy alternative that’s still fun and delicious.

9. Who or what inspires you? This could be a family member or celebrity, a particular quote or even a book/movie/podcast. This sky’s the limit!

MC: I am always so inspired by all the women in this community who own businesses. Since moving here 17 years ago, I have been surrounded by powerful women who are constantly making waves in this small town. If you stop and think about all the women-owned businesses along 30A, you will be surprised by the insane amount of talent!

10. What’s the best thing about being a part of the Emerald Coast, personally and/or professionally?

MC: The number of women-owned businesses, as mentioned above. Also, I am always overwhelmed by the way this community comes together to support each other personally and professionally. Any new business is celebrated and encouraged. I know I can count on my community to show up for me in every way.

11. Are you/your business involved in the community in any way? Volunteering or giving back? If so, how?

MC: Nigel’s is still figuring that part of the puzzle out but we have lots of ideas and look forward to contributing in a meaningful way.

12. What does a typical day in your business look like? (Pretend it’s Monday (or Friday!) and take me through the highlights of your day.)

MC: Morning prep person comes in to make the chocolate, prep the bananas and set the stage for a great day. After that, it’s a lot of smiling, chatting with customers and dipping! Making people happy and exposing them to a fun new treat.

13. What’s your best “insider tip?” (This could be a community tip for vacationers or homeowners or even a tip for customers related to your business.)

MC: Hmmmm, I am loving my electric bike right now. It’s the perfect form of transportation and so fun.

14. How do you recharge or relax when the day is done?

MC: I love being at home, in silence! But, a perfect day would also include a sunset walk on the beach and dinner with my man. 🙂

15. Just the deets, please! Where are you located? Business hours? Social media profiles and/or website links we need to know about? (Please feel free to add social media handles or direct links!)

MC: Ruskin Place, 125 Quincy Circle, Seaside, Florida. Our hours are 11 a.m. – 9ish p.m.

16. One final question: If there was just one thing you wish the public knew about your business, what would it be?

MC: It’s so good! Truly!

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