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Answers to Common Seller Questions | Destin Real Estate

Once you have made the decision to place your home on the market, you should first get a sales analysis and evaluation of your home by a prominent realtor who has sold in your neighborhood. The realtor will suggest a price and also suggest things you can do to put your home in order before listing it. In order to avoid any pitfalls that many sellers run into, consult our list of common seller questions below:

When Is The Best Time to Sell?

Conventional wisdom says the right time to sell your home is in the spring since that is the time when there are largest number of buyers. But that is also the time of the largest home inventory. Winter? Maybe, fewer houses on the market. In the summer buyers may feel an urgency, with school approaching. You can sell a home any time of the year, but make sure to pay attention to statistics and current market information pertinent to the season at hand.

Should I Use a Real Estate Agent?

Absolutely use a realtor in your area with a good reputation and list of clients. Unless you are an agent yourself, the entire selling process may become more expensive without someone to guide you through.

How Long Will It Take To Sell?

This is largely determined with the condition of the home and the current market. If it is priced to sell and your home is in the best possible condition there is no reason it will not receive a faster offer than most. Many realtors claim a sale within 30 days of having a listing.

How Much Should I List My Home For Sale?

This is where your analysis and evaluation by a realtor comes in. The market indeed determines your price. There is no charge for this service, as they are hoping to get your listing when you are ready. Your agent will average out the homes nearby which have sold within the past two years. With information and the realtor analysis of your property, your agent will suggest your price to you according to comparable homes in the area.

Factors Affecting Sale?

The largest considerations are the age and condition of your home as well as the neighborhood. One negative neighborhood factor is high traffic on your street, so try to arrange showings when that is lightest. The good points for your sale are your price, home maintenance, new remodeling, especially of kitchen and baths, and fairly new roofing. Paramount is location, location, location. Proximity to schools, churches and shopping is of utmost importance so if this is not an option to advertise, then make sure other parts of your home really shine.

What Should I Do to Ready My Home?

New and groomed landscaping and fresh painting for curb appeal must be done. If screens are missing, replace them. Pressure wash your porch, walkway and driveway, plus any patio or lanai. Inside the home, take a critical look and remove any and all superfluous decorations, accessories and furniture that diminish the living space. Remove all clutter and consider what you really need on countertops in the kitchens and bathrooms. Hide all toiletry items in the baths and all kitchen and dish washing cloths and sponges. Empty out most of the clothing in your closets and all boxes. If you need to rent a warehouse unit for storage, do so. If at all possible, empty the garage.

Remember, home staging is not to please your own family, but to create a welcoming atmosphere for a new family to feel at home. if you keep this in mind and remove all clutter, you are well on your way to a home ready for sell.

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