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How to Create a Great Vacation Rental in Destin, FL

Whether basking in the summer sun or traversing winter ski slopes, vacations are some of the most exciting and memorable times spent. Today, vacation property owners have a variety of choices to display their homes. Depending upon location, competition can be stiff. However, there are few simple things you can do to ensure your property stands out in a crowd.

Destin Vacation Real Estate

Convenience of Your Home

One of the simplest things anyone can do is use their property. Owners who use their properties are more aware of aspects that may not be up to standard. Infrequent visits place trust in those who have no personal interest vested in the property. Regular usage helps keep the property current.

Staying current communicates a level of exclusivity. Flat screen, high-definition television sets are a staple in many homes today. Therefore, vacationers expect a level of quality equal to or in excess of their current standard of living. Cable or satellite television services are not cheap, but offer a generous channel selection for viewing pleasure. Blue Ray or DVD players are also a great addition as are gaming systems for the kids.

Kitchens should have everything necessary to prepare any type of meal. This includes mixing bowls along with measuring and mixing utensils. Cook books are an added plus and outdoor barbecues seal the deal. Appliances should be in good working condition. Bathrooms should have conveniences equivalent to any respectable hotel. As the quality of your property increases, so will your ability to generate income.

If your property is located in a popular vacation destination, guides to local attractions and maps make plans easy for your guests. An updated phone directory is also valuable along with menus to local, fast food delivery services. No one wants to cook every day.

Explore Vacation Properties in the Destin Area

Update Your Decor

Furniture should not be outdated or appear worn. Colors should be well coordinated, modern, and fresh. This does not require the aid of an interior decorator. There are many magazines and internet resources from which to get ideas to enhance and beautify any rental. Plants and pictures are simple ways to add a warm touch to any room.

Cleaning and Maintenance

If the property has a view of the ocean, use this to your advantage. Instruct cleaning companies to leave drapes and blinds open. This makes a lasting impression upon guests who enter your rental for the first time and will engender them to the property. Yes, hiring a cleaning company is assumed. A cleaning company’s only objective is to make the place spotless. Small stains, spills, dust and smells are a turn off. The property should be in immaculate condition prior to each rental.

Vacation rentals continue to gain popularity as many people prefer to forego the inconvenience of hotel stays. Therefore, rentals should reflect many of the conveniences of high-quality hotels. Exceeding expectations is never an erroneous proposition. It only sets you apart from those who would choose to cut corners in an effort to increase short term profitability.

Upgrading Your Vacation Rental

If you’ve been looking for a great vacation property that will serve not only your needs, but that of possible renters, view our available listings:

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