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Decorating For Halloween In Destin

Halloween is a fun time of year to surprise and scare the pants off unsuspecting friends, relatives, new neighbors and strangers. However, how do you decorate your home for this season and Halloween and leave a good impression with the neighbors? Well, we’re here to help draw the line between over the top and appropriately creative.

Halloween Decorations in Destin
Photo by Hanna Horwarth

Halloween at the Beach

It is no mystery that Destin is not freezing cold around Halloween. We live at the beach so why not decorate accordingly! Pirate themes coupled with traditional Halloween ideas work effortlessly together. To create a complete scene combine ghosts hanging from the trees with a tipped over boat and skeleton wearing a sailor’s cap.

Special Effects

Add to your Halloween decor with a fog machine or pumpkin filled with dry ice to create an eerie ambiance for walkway to the front door. Several local stores and Halloween decor shops will sell soundtracks with spooky sounds and music as well to put trick or treaters even more on their toes.

Keeping It Kid Friendly

If your neighborhood or area is filled with younger trick or treaters the decorations may need to be toned down a bit. Stick with friendly carved pumpkins, well-lit walkways and smiley ghosts hanging from the trees or doorways. Scarecrows dressed in funny outfits or even beach themed go perfectly with Halloween when young children are involved.

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