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Finding the perfect home requires more than just one simple walk-through; the process must be done deliberately and with great foresight. Because everyone’s priorities are different, the perfect house for one individual or family may not be ideal for another. These five tips offer a variety of ways to ensure that a house that is for sale meets all of one’s needs and will be a well-loved home for years to come.

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Determine What Is Important

Each family’s priorities are different. For example, some families may need a two-car garage while others feel that they need no garage at all. Most families find that the number of bathrooms and bedrooms are of vital importance. Other typical needs may include a fenced backyard, an updated kitchen or a finished basement. A certain neighborhood or school district can be another priority. Families should compile a list of these needs before going house hunting; this will help greatly when ruling out houses.

Create a Home Search Checklist

After creating a needs list, house hunters should create a checklist that includes places to write notes about each room or feature of a house. After looking at several homes, especially during a busy day of open houses, house hunters can feel confused and may not remember important information about each house they saw. These checklists work as great comparison sheets between homes.

Determine if Furniture Will Fit

Although this may seem like something that can be done later, it can save a great deal of time to bring measurements of some of the most basic furniture in one’s home when looking at houses. This is most important when it comes to large furniture, such as dining room sets, couches, beds and dressers. If individuals know that these items will definitely not fit in the new home, they will need to decide if they would rather look at a different home or purchase new furniture.

Draw a Basic Floor Plan

Along with measuring furniture, a floor plan drawing can be a wonderful asset. It can be difficult to remember the layout and basic dimensions of a home after seeing it only once. Graph paper can help with this step. A simple floor plan, including door and window openings, can be sketched quickly after a walk-through.

Take Pictures During the Walk-through

This is another fabulous way to remember a potential home after leaving it. Of course, one should get the permission of the homeowners or of the realtor before taking pictures; these pictures should also remain private after being taken. Pictures can also be extremely helpful if the individual should buy the house and wants to plan furniture placement.

Going house hunting should include more than a basic overview of a home. It should look at whether or not the house is the best choice for the family and meets the family’s needs. A tour of homes that is done with planning and thought for the future can easily be a success.

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