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Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach

Purple palm trees, giant marbles falling from the sky, a house that shatters like glass.   This may sound like a Dr. Suess book, but it’s really just the first words that come to mind when thinking about Digital Graffiti, a monolithic event along the Emerald Coast with guests from every “cola” flocking to Alys Beach to see a light show they will never forget.

With the Moorish architecture of Alys Beach as their canvas,  23 featured artists from all over the globe will display their art through a projector in this larger than life exhibit complete with drinks, dancing, and a DJ at the Caliza Pool, which, will be all dolled up for the occasion.

Nothing about the art at DG is traditional.  The sky is the limit, literally.   The quintessential DG light displays stretch high into the night sky.   Some artists combine performance with their projections but you will see anything from looped images, short films, graphics or real life photography and even interactive exhibits adorning the iconic facades of Alys Beach.   Don’t miss the photo booth – it is beyond your wildest dreams.

Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach – YouTube.

Friday night is all about the art.   This is your opportunity for a gallery stroll to really absorb the art and even chat with the artists.   The party will go on all night at the Caliza Pool on Saturday.   The crowd will be larger, and the pace in the “gallery” much faster.   If an in-depth look at the art AND a high-voltage party are on your agenda, you’ll need a ticket for both nights.

Walk the red carpet with VIE Magazine from 6-8:30 on Saturday night.   Don’t miss the chance to rub shoulders with NOLA-based pop artist, Sarah Ashley Longshore and enjoy a complimentary cocktail.

It’s only 3 days away, so make haste if you want to be there when Alys becomes alive with neon.   Get tickets here & don’t forget to download the 30A app for your official guide to Digital Graffiti 2013!

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