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Don’t Make These Simple Seller Mistakes

Located in the heart of Northwest Florida’s Emerald Coast, Destin is one of the top vacation destinations in the country. Called the “World’s Luckiest Fishing Village,” Destin started out as a small fishing town before the tourism boom. As Destin has gotten more popular, the supply of new homes has grown tremendously. The amount of beautiful homes makes the need to prepare your home correctly even more intense. To make the job easier, here are some of the top turn offs for potential home buyers. 

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Clean and Clear of Clutter

The first category of home buyer turn offs can be summed up as cleanliness issues, and this is the first area that should be tackled when staging a home. Bugs are one of if not the top buyer turn off in this area. No one wants to buy a home with a insect infestation. Next are odors. A bad smell will wrinkle the noses of any potential home owners, and sour any potential deals they were considering. Lastly, even if the home is clean of bugs or odors, the interior and exterior should also be spotless. This means removing and taking care of any areas of clutter. No buyer will want to navigate around stacks of papers, magazines, books or toys, just to see your home. This makes it increasingly difficult for them to imagine their own family in your home.

Work on Outstanding Issues

Address issues such as dim lights, water leakage, cracks or scratches on the wall and in the floor. Make sure to pay special attention to the type of decor in your home. Outdated decor or wallpaper is just another thing the buyer will think of replacing which means another project for them. Avoid these discouraging situations and remove outdated light fixtures, wallpaper or appliances pre-sale.

Let Your Agent Handle the Sale

Once the house is all in order, the last thing a seller needs to work on is handling the selling process. Some think they can sell their home on their own, but second home situations in particular can get extremely sticky without the help of a real estate agent. The realtor acts as a buffer between sellers and buyers, keeping good intentioned sellers from driving off buyers.

Selling a home can be one of the most difficult experiences a homeowner has to go through. But with proper preparation and the correct real estate agent facilitating your sale, it can be a good experience. For more information on how to sell your home in and around Destin, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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