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Knock, Knock: What’s Behind Our Best-Loved Doors?

There’s been much fuss made about doors down through the years: Going through the right ones, avoiding the ones that are closed. Doors that lead to magical places like Narnia, neverending doors (and misplaced keys) in “Alice in Wonderland,” even a rock group named — appropriately – “The Doors.”

Today’s blog is also about doors, of the literal variety. We’ve found a few of our doors and doorways among the listings we currently represent. Can you pick a favorite?

The door that inspired this content, the juxtaposition of its vibrant coloring against the white walls really makes it stand out in a crowd.

2. A La Paix A1 | Seacrest Beach
The entry to this three-level condo has unique lines.

Double Chicago brick archways make a statement in this WaterColor residence.
A touch of modern design rests in this triple play.
We couldn’t overlook a door that opens onto that view.
A curved entry wall into this bedroom sets the stage for the rest of its grandeur.
Who can resist a bright and rustic barn door outfitted with dark metal?
This archway frames the perfect spot for a good read on a rainy day.
The mirroring effect of this entry offers harmony and balance.
The charm of Tuscany is in the little details of this Sandestin retreat.
While it’s not the typical “door,” we couldn’t resist including this unique point of entry for kitchen storage.

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