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Let’s Go Glamping! : Camping (With A Twist)

Have you ever wanted to spice up your routine visit to the beautiful beaches along the Emerald Coast? Or, maybe you’re looking to experience some luxurious time outdoors at the one and only Topsail Hill Preserve State Park. Well, look no further. Glamorous Camping (i.e. glamping) is the perfect option to relax and connect with the unmatched scenery our area has to offer. Fancy Camps of South Walton has made the glamping experience something that can’t be beaten.

mom and child with tent in woods
All photos courtesy of Fancy Camps

Owners Micah Heller and Erin Carr were inspired to start Fancy Camps out of a desire to share their love for the outdoors and wish to create lasting memories with their friends and family. Since beginning their journey in 2015, Heller and Carr have expanded to a motivated and growing team of eight individuals. They describe Fancy Camps as a “family business where family is their business.”

The Fancy Camps team loves being able to cater to the specific and unique requests and visions of each client they work with. With a taste of old-fashioned camping with a modern luxury twist, Fancy Camps provide fully-furnished, bohemian-styled Sible (bell) tents for their clients. Family camping trips, weddings, parties, corporate events, family reunions and retreats are just some of the services Family Camps makes available for its clientele. 

Here is the inside scoop on Fancy Camps and the unique luxurious camping experience they offer:

What is the most unique experience Fancy Camps offers?

“The beauty of Fancy Camps is that we can set up virtually anywhere. We want to bring the luxuries of home or a hotel to our tents and work to provide a concierge approach to your stay. Do you want fresh flowers in your tent? Would you like a custom charcuterie board? Done and done, we can add a long list of amenities to your stay and even some that aren’t listed. On our permanent sites at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park, we even have a sweet little coffee shop just steps away. The sky’s the limit.”

What do you hope clients feel after having experienced what Fancy Camps has to offer?

“We hope our guests feel rested, disconnected from outside worries and connected with their families and loved ones.”

What do you love most about what Fancy Camps does?

“Outside of the guests’ ability to customize their experience, I love the flexibility and desire to innovate new ways to create a stellar experience for our guests.”

If there was just one thing you wanted the public to know about your business, what would it be?

“I want the public to know that camping doesn’t have to be a lot of work. We are continuing to evolve and learn as we go. We are trying to blur the lines between camping and the comforts of home. People who aren’t necessarily ‘campers’ can connect to the outdoors with ease.”

 How can potential clients book a luxurious experience with you? (feel free to add links, social media handles, etc.)

“Please book through Follow along on our journey @fancycamps on Instagram to see more about what we have going on!”

Reviews from recent clients:

• “We went Fancy Camping this weekend with our children and had a lovely time. The camp was all set up for us upon arrival and it was most inviting. It was so nice to just show up and start enjoying the site from the get-go. Everything was very comfortable, well thought out and stylish. We enjoyed sitting next to the fire roasting s’mores with the sticks provided and liked the glow from the string of lights around the camp. At night, we stayed nice and warm thanks to the heater and comfortable linens that were provided in the tent. We had a fun time exploring around camp and walking to the beach. The owners of the company are easy to work with and made sure that we had everything we needed for an enjoyable and comfortable weekend with our family. We are already looking forward to going ‘Fancy Camping’ again in the near future.”

• “Dudes. This is the perfect date night idea or getaway for your ladies. You can bring the dog or heck, they can even set up bunks if needed. Rent bikes and tour around Topsail, make a campfire, cook dinner, (Pro Tip: get a charcuterie board from the camp store for an appetizer), book beach chairs for a beach day (epic). It’s got an air conditioner/dehumidifier that works great after sunset. Showers and bathrooms are nearby and the bed is super comfy.”

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