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New Design Trends For The New Year

They say there’s nothing new under the sun, but that rule definitely doesn’t seem to apply to interior design where colors, patterns and spaces are everchanging. And, with a new year comes new ideas on everything from paint choices and holistic design to multipurpose spaces and unusual accessories. We’ve rounded up a few trends the experts are betting will be popular picks for 2023 and beyond.

Savvy Accessories

After years of decorating with books and picture frames, 2023 will see a shift toward home accessories that give a peek into a homeowner’s authentic self as well as pieces that bring joy. Whether you have a collection of glasswork, tapestries or baskets you’ve collected from your travels, or want to go simpler with a display of hats, these are accessories that mean something, even if you’re the only one who knows.

Statement Pieces

Whatever you’re considering in 2023, you can probably get away with it, according to designers across the country. Anything goes, from painted and textured ceilings to rugs as floor art and vibrant wallpaper and backsplashes, this year is all about thinking outside the box. If you’re wanting to add visual appeal to a space, one of these texture trends is sure to appeal.

Seamless Spaces

Why would you want to walk from the living room to a faraway kitchen for a snack or a beverage? Spaces in 2023 are all about seamless, multipurpose design. From homework stations in the kitchen to indoor-outdoor living in a flash, spaces that serve more than one purpose are on the rise.

This home at 34 Tidepool Lane (left) has seamless design nailed since you can go from relaxing outdoors to taking a dip to grabbing a bottle of water in mere seconds.

Sips On Display

There’s nothing wrong with a wine cellar but more homeowners in 2023 are embracing wine storage as artwork. Take that collection and make it a focal point around which you can build an entire room.

Saturated Colors

While life at the beach will almost always mean that coastal hues and neutrals are on full display, 2023 is the year of color. From plums and greens to blues of all shades, it’s time to be bolder in your paint choices. This year, both Benjamin Moore and Pantone chose cheery “Raspberry Blush” and “Viva Magenta,” respectively, as their colors of the year.

Vibrant colors can also be carried through in myriad ways, from rugs and bedding to cabinets and accent walls. Even kitchens are getting in on the action with interesting colors from backsplashes to cabinetry to islands.

Solid Gold

Steve Forbes once said, “Gold is a constant. It’s like the North Star.” And, once again, gold is making a comeback, particularly in kitchens and baths where brushed nickel has dominated hardware for so long that it seemed it would never be supplanted. Metallic shades can also be used in accent pieces or furnishings, from ornamental railings to more subtle inclusions in wallpapers and textiles.

Surrounded By Nature

We always hear the phrase, “Bringing the outdoors in,” but many of us aren’t quite sure how to nail this design trend. In 2023, it applies to everything from marble (even colored options), rattan, wood and beyond. Think outside the box for incorporating natural elements in your finishes and fittings including mirrors, coffee tables and beyond. This trend pairs perfectly with the earthier color palette some are opting for and the move toward eco-friendly materials.

Design experts also look to supply chain issues over the past few years as another nod toward becoming more resourceful and creative with accent pieces.

Simply Organized

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to organizing but experts believe there will be a focus on organizational spaces, wherever they can be planted, inside a home. Utilize space under a staircase, design a focal point or create your own “mudroom” to get in on this idea.

Sweet Serenity

Consumers want spaces that make a vacation-like retreat without ever having to leave home. We know a thing or two about this at the beach, where vacationers are on the hunt for game rooms, lush outdoor areas and pools outside the ordinary. You don’t have to live at the beach to accomplish this, though; just take some design hints from others who have done it.

Sweeping Arches

Remember earlier when we discussed “thinking outside the box?” Now, we mean it literally, with a move toward rounded door frames and arched windows that soften any space.

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