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New Years Resolutions for Your Home

Many of us are considering what resolutions to make for 2014. Often, we focus on health resolutions, but homeowners should consider things they can do to maintain or improve their home’s value. Consider these ideas:

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Budget for Home Improvements

Some new homeowners forget to include home maintenance and improvements in their budgets. When you plan and budget for home improvements, it’s easier to avoid emergency repairs caused by neglected maintenance or delayed repairs. This saves money in the long run.

Get Fit, Along with Your Home

DIY projects provide great opportunities to burn off those extra pounds you packed on during the holidays. While others are getting their sweat on at the gym and arriving home too tired to do home improvements, you can be getting buff while working around the house. Burn 238 calories an hour installing ceramic tiles in your bathroom, or work off even more calories through doing your own landscaping.

Use Low-Maintenance Home Improvement Materials

In order to save both time and money, select low-maintenance materials every time you do a home-improvement project. Wood and wood-press siding requires painting and other maintenance, so select sturdier siding or other options for your home’s exterior. Inside, keep burning those calories by laying more waterproof, durable ceramic tiles, and install lighting options that minimize the times you needto climb a ladder to change a bulb.

Lower Your Energy Bills

Both your budget and the environment will thank you when you take measures to minimize your energy consumption at home. Change filters regularly on your home cooling system to ensure maximum efficiency. Also, be sure your home is properly insulated to avoid air conditioning the great outdoors. In warm weather, decrease the work load on your air conditioner by using a microwave or toaster oven rather than the stove to cook and warm food.

Get Organized

If your home tends to get cluttered easily, it may be that you don’t have sufficient storage space. When everything has a space where it fits and belongs, keeping house becomes easier. Look for unused storage space such as areas beneath the stairs or high cabinets where you can place items you only use occasionally. For inexpensive storage options, purchase shoe organizers to arrange everything from shoes to electronics. Flat plastic storage bins can create storage space for bedding and seasonal clothing underneath beds.

As we head into the coming year, everyone has areas in which he or she hopes to improve. Becoming a more responsible homeowner is a noble pursuit that won’t happen without intention. Plan now for success.

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