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Recently Sold Homes in Destin, FL

As a dream getaway for beach lovers, Destin real estate has always been in high demand. Homes with panoramic views of the ocean and interior features that center around relaxation are on everybody’s must-have list. However, we’re aware some homeowners have a general fear about selling their home. Most think the real estate market has permanently crashed and won’t make a return investment. Others are worried about having strangers roam about their home and judge their livelihood. But those fears should be instantly squashed when you learn about the current market trend in Destin. It’s a “seller’s” market.

In a seller’s market there are fewer homes to choose from and a ton of buyers on the hunt. In more laymen’s terms, the power of choice is in the seller’s hands. You have more wiggle room on the listing price and a better negotiating stance, since buyers have few properties they can choose from. If one buyer doesn’t offer you what you want, then there will be plenty of more chomping at the bit to make an offer.

Recently Sold Homes

Everyone wants to know what their home is worth or what their neighbors got for their house when they sold, and the best indicator of that is by looking at recently sold homes. Knowing what other people could sell for (whether above or below market value) is a tremendous key to leveraging when you decide to put your property on the market. Here’s a few recently sold homes in Destin:

1. 72 Indian Bayou Drive, Destin, FL — 3 bedrooms, 4 baths — Sold for: $700,100 ($70,000 above value)

2. 4661 Destiny Way, Destin, FL — 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths — Sold for: $860,000 ($30,000 above value)

3. 1202 Baycrest Court, Destin, FL — 5 bedrooms, 8 bath — Sold for: $2,860,000 ($180,000 above value)

Time to Sell

As you can see from the recently sold homes, it’s a great time to sell. A majority of homes are making additional profit, leaving plenty of room to upgrade to a better home or downside to a more cozy property. Either way, selling in Destin is made easier from the laid-back community and beach lifestyle. If you’re ready to sell or have been thinking about it for a while, fill out the free form below and we’d be happy to discuss your opportunities.

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