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Take The Stairs: A Baker’s Dozen of Our Favorite Staircases

Italian inventor, architect and artist Leonardo Da Vinci once said, “Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail.”

We thought we’d take a moment to appreciate an oft-overlooked detail in many of the homes we represent. With idyllic settings, gulf views and community amenities topping the list of must-have features, cool staircases are usually an afterthought — or relegated to the bottom of the list.

It’s time to let these architectural add-ons shine! Here is our baker’s dozen of favorites staircases:

1. 92 Firefly Way | WaterSound Origins

2. 146 Montgomery Street | Seagrove

3. 11 Spanish Town Court | Rosemary Beach

4. 212 Walton Rose Lane | Inlet Beach

5. 1900 Ninety-Eight 1002 | Destin

6. 12 N. Shingle Lane | WaterSound Beach

7. 12 Canal Street | Seagrove Beach

8. 288 Blue Mountain Road | Blue Mountain Beach

9. 44 Tidepool Lane | WaterSound Beach

10. 4403 Ensign Court | Destin

11. 5210 Portside Terrace | Island Estates

12. 198 E. Water Street | Rosemary Beach

13. Hidden Dunes 191 | Destin

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