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Things To Do on a Rainy Day

It’s the buzz kill of all buzz kills.   You drive all the way to Florida and… it rains.   But truly, not all is lost.   And of course, we have a several solutions.    And in no particular order, here are some of our favorite things to do on a rainy day in paradise.


#1 Carmike Cinemas Boulevard 10, Miramar Beach

This theater is top of the line.   Serving a full menu (including cocktails) in The Ovation Club, this is the ultimate movie watching experience.   Be sure to watch your flick in “Big D”, it’s the latest greatest theater technology.   It projects over 34 trillion colors onto a screen that is over three and a half stories high!

Take a look at this system!

Photos of Carmike Grand Boulevard Cinema 10, Miramar Beach
This photo of Carmike Grand Boulevard Cinema 10 is courtesy of TripAdvisor


Photos of Carmike Grand Boulevard Cinema 10, Miramar Beach
This photo of Carmike Grand Boulevard Cinema 10 is courtesy of TripAdvisor

 #2  Mirror Maze & Laser Craze

Located in Pier Park, the laser tag course is just the tip of the iceberg… you must try the 2,300 square foot mirror maze!   It’s like a house of mirrors plus a black light & sound extravaganza that will blow your mind.

Test your spy skills and dodge the laser beams just like in the movies in the Laser Craze.   Your friends can watch from a tv screen outside.   Each move could make or break your score.

You’ll be shocked at how much fun this is for people of ALL ages.

Image courtesy of

#3 On a rainy day when all else fails there’s only one, well really two, things you can do… eat & drink.    There’s no place I’d rather be than on a covered veranda somewhere enjoying a glass of Vueve and trying every appetizer on the menu.   Here are some recommendations:

Elephant Walk

  • This SanDestin staple is having its highly anticipated reopening party on June 20th.   The restaurant originally opened in 1985 and is making a big comeback with favorites such as the Grouper Elizabeth.   Enjoy lunch and dinner accompanied by Elephant Walk’s renowned wine list.
  • The Governor’s Attic encompasses the top floor offering swanky lounge areas for guests to relax and watch a storm pass over the Gulf waters.
Elephant Walk
Image courtesy of


  • The covered outdoor sidewalk dining, reminiscent of a European café is another idyllic local hotspot to waste away a rainy afternoon eating, drinking and people watching in Seaside.


#4 Go Shopping.   This is the oldest trick in the book, but it works every time.   There is no better way to spend a rainy day then out on the front lines shopping.    Below are area favorites for apparel and beyond…

Willow + Woods 

  • This boutique features high end men’s and women’s apparel and accessories in the heart of Seaside.    Find pieces from Billy Reid, hot designer from Florence, Alabama for the men.   And shop the likes of Antik Batik, Tibi, Haute Hippie, Lauren Moffatt, Rebecca Taylor, Tucker and much much more for the ladies.    You’ll find accessories from Tori Burch, Tom Ford and some of the coolest jewelry lines you’ve never heard of.    Catch up with the adventures of owners Cindy and Celia on their blog

Pretty Please in Destin

  • Enter the child diva.   This charming store has clothing for babies, girls, boys and tweens.   With everything from swim wear to whimsical outfits perfect for photos by the beach, and every day school clothes.   Pretty Please is also full of enchanting home décor – you can’t miss the giant castle that greets you when you step inside.   You’ll be dying to see what’s behind the castle doors.

The Zoo Gallery 

  • Husband and wife duo, Chris and Roxie Wilson have been sharing amazing art with locals and visitors alike since 1979.   This is definitely the most unusual store in the area with locations in Grayton Beach and Destin.   Inside you will find an eclectic array of pottery, jewelry, prints, cards, furniture, home décor and tons of weird stuff.    It can be hard to tell if you’re holding a piece of art or a toy.   You’ll see what I mean… check them out on facebook and instagram.

  Zoo Gallery Sign

#5 Fat Daddy’s Arcade in Destin and Okaloosa Island

Hands down the best arcade in the panhandle.   With everything from Guitar Hero, The Fast & The Furious, Big Buck Hunter Open Season, Terminator Salvation to the classics like Skee Ball and basketball free throw.   Fat Daddy’s has a prize wall to rival all prize walls and Fat Daddy’s Pizzeria is conveniently located next door.   And be sure you stop by Fudpucker’s Gator Beach next to the arcade – home to over one hundred live alligators!

#6 Hurricane Lanes Bowling Alley in Destin

Complete with an arcade, pool tables and ping pong ALL illuminated by the brightest black lights in town, this rainy day favorite is open every day at 11 am.

#7 Look at Property

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