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Understanding Destin Real Estate with Casey Joiner

Casey JoinerWe’ve all dreamed of living on the beach, admiring the calm waves and listening to the tranquil surf. We’ve all wanted that beautiful home that allows us to walk out on the back patio, sit down, and just soak in the Florida sun. With that, we try to come to grips with Destin and its real estate market. A city filled with endless entertainment and tons of great neighborhoods requires more than just a look through, which is why we sat down with Casey Joiner and discussed the local real estate market. Here’s what he had to say:

1. Can you describe your experience on House Hunters? How did it make you feel? Why were chosen for the show?

House Hunters was definitely a fun experience, but also a challenge. It really does capture the problems and concessions that people make when determining which property is right. Narrowing down their options to just 3 when they have very specific needs is a big challenge. I was chosen for the show after a phone interview and video interview. The buyers initiate the chance to be on the show, and if considered, the agent is then interviewed to make sure the whole package works.

2. Destin is known for its sandy beaches & emerald waters. What else does does the region have to offer home buyers?

The pictures of the emerald water and white sand are probably the first things that grab everyone’s attention, but I think people are very surprised by the wide variety of architecture and style that many beach communities offer. This also translates into many different price points to fit almost any budget. You can easily find several options at various price points for prospective buyers. I think the amenities are also a surprise. Almost everyone is definitely focused on the beach, but I think the Coastal Dune Lakes, shopping, and dining experiences have helped grow the area and given owners more options than your typical beach town.

3. Have you seen the real estate market in your area change in the past year?

The most drastic change in our market over the last year has been the inventory level. In Spring 2012 we had several good options in our most popular communities. Now we see multiple offers more frequently than I can remember due to the feeling that the market has been “picked over.” There are still options for sure, but a big change for buyers is just how ready they need to be in the current market if they see something they like.

4. How did you first get started in the real estate business? What drove you to join the industry?

I got started in the real estate industry through the hospitality industry. Before this career, I was a golf professional looking to advance through resort upper management. I found myself living in various areas and in amazing homes. Ultimately the curiosity in the business led me to take a leap and I have not regretted the move.

5. We all know paddle boarding is popular in the Destin area, but what are some of your favorite things to do?

The beach and paddle boarding seem to get the most attention lately, but I think people forget just how world class the golf and fishing in the area truly are. I would like to enjoy these hobbies a little more than I currently am, but I take any chance to play golf at the variety of courses the area offers.

6. Everyone is sharing photos on Facebook and tweeting on Twitter these days. How do you think social media has changed the real estate industry?

Social media gives you access to more visual content than ever before. Getting out the best photos of a property through Facebook or Twitter can bring in an audience they may not have otherwise considered. In the past, you would only capture a crowd intentionally seeking real estate opportunities here. Now someone can be attracted to the area “accidentally” by a friend sharing a photo of a home.

For More Information

If you’d like more information about real estate in the Destin area or just want to have an easy-going conversation about the city, feel free to contact Casey Joiner today!

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