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    The Contemporary Artwork of Justin Gaffrey

    VIE Magazine’s Artists Issue on Shelves June 2017

    We are thrilled to announce our latest collaboration with artist, Justin Gaffrey, for our VIE Magazine Artists Issue spread on shelves June 2017.

    Justin Gaffrey is a well-known local acrylic and contemporary artist of Blue Mountain Beach on 30A. Working as a self-taught artist since 2001, Gaffrey began diversifying his work into more contemporary styles in 2013. Gaining national attention, Gaffrey’s contemporary pieces completely encompass the viewers and leaves them craving more.

    “Human Tree” (left) is a cypress sculpture intertwined with steel and acrylic paint. This piece represents both the dark and light parts of self, while the polished exterior represents what we usually expose to the world.

    “Suspended Torso” (below) is a sculpture with a welded steel torso covered in acrylic paint and suspended with steel cables. It represents one being attached to the world from all directions.



    “These pieces truly come from my soul that embody my reasoning of truth and the human condition,” says Gaffrey. “It is a privilege to be participating with extraordinary artists from around the world. My desire is that these pieces will resonate with art enthusiasts and juries, as these works make their way to their exhibits.”


    The Sotheby’s International Realty® brand is proud to have roots extending from the Sotheby’s auction house, and we at Scenic Sotheby’s International Realty pride ourselves on offering our clients luxury properties that are true works of art along the Emerald Coast.

    We are proud to represent these six luxury properties being featured in our VIE Magazine Artists Issue spread.

    916 Scenic Gulf Drive
    Represented by: Jonathan Spears
    1900 Ninety Eight
    Represented by: The Chris Abbott Group
    33 Caicos Cay
    Represented by: Jonathan Spears
    20 West Blue Coral
    Represented by: The Morar Group
    1465 W County Hwy 30A
    Represented by: Kim and Keen Polakoff
    Destin Yacht Club 1205
    Represented by: Casey Joiner