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Finding the Perfect Home On The Emerald Coast

It’s a question real estate agents are asked every day by prospective buyers:

“Can you find me the perfect home?”

This can be difficult to answer for even the most seasoned and experienced broker, as it begs the more important question: Is there such a thing as a perfect home?

While buying a house is a serious financial investment not to mention an often emotional undertaking, it also is an exciting time for those looking forward to the next chapter in their lives, whether it is buying a first home, upgrading to a larger property or downsizing. With the popularity of HGTV, Pinterest and other sites, buyers today have a very clear idea of the style of home they want to purchase, from architecture and landscaping, to design and beyond. However, for the most realistic buyers, no matter what their price point, compromise is usually the name of the game when house hunting. While some may assume that making concessions in their home search is settling for “second best,” waiting for that ideal house with all of the desired amenities comes with risk. It can very easily turn your home search into a months-long process, possibly increasing your costs due to rising housing prices and even interest rates.

The key that every buyer should note, is to decide which flaws are simply nuisances and which are deal breakers. It’s helpful when buyers today envision a home and its role over time. What features seem desirable now, may be less important down the road. Professional real estate agents can assist in recognizing the truly critical features that matter and weighing in on their overall importance. Simply asking yourself what is mandatory and what you can live without means you are one step closer to a successful and worthwhile house hunt.

What are buyers more likely to compromise on when looking for their new home?

This is one of the first things buyers will reconsider once they see other options. For example, in the Florida Panhandle, many want to find a property within walking distance of the beach. Once buyers see what’s available, they may discover the larger homes are above their price range, or the smaller residences don’t fit their lifestyle.

While “location, location, location” is still the motto used regularly in the real estate industry, buyers are surprised at the housing possibilities when shown homes in other neighborhoods farther away from the water, but still accessible.

Buyers should always know how much they can afford prior to their housing search and keep that number in mind when looking. However, those who start their search looking at homes in the lower range of their budget, often realize they may need to look for homes on the higher end if it means they get more of what they want. One common occurrence Realtors see frequently is many buyers with children will increase their spending in order to get into a neighborhood with an excellent school system. Having the right home in the right location though it may not have that extra guest room, is usually important enough for buyers to extend their budget provided they can afford it.

Many buyers will compromise on the floor plan, foregoing the open kitchen or first-floor master suite they originally coveted, if it gets them into a nicer, more sought-after neighborhood or perhaps a backyard with the long-desired swimming pool. This is where buyers make the most concessions because a good global real estate advisor can point out how to make style changes or offer upgrade suggestions for those clients who may not see a property’s virtues.

It’s important to recognize that the overwhelming majority of buyers who did compromise on their home choice, did not regret their actions in the least nor did they experience buyer’s remorse. Quite the contrary. With so many housing options on the Emerald Coast, keeping an open mind means you will find a home that you will love for years to come.