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Niche Magazine | Spring-Summer 2024

Beauty. It’s an undeniably subjective term. To some, beauty is an embrace of the natural, intertwining elements that exist in products, spaces and even experiences that are fabricated. For others, beauty is in the act of creating, imagining something entirely new, and turning a vision into reality. While the sugar-sand beaches that line the Emerald Coast have been heralded as some of the most beautiful in the U.S., the beauty doesn’t stop where land meets water. 

In this issue of Niche, we focus on the beauty that talented individuals are infusing into our everyday lives. Our cover showcases the work of Sarah Rogers, an interior designer who dared to imagine what the future of Alys Beach design could be, bringing as many natural elements as possible inside the home, including a living tree in the foyer. William Farrington shares how the beauty in American cuisine is in its production, showcasing the thankless work of American farmers in his omakase-inspired culinary experiences at M&P. In our signature article, “From The Porch,” Liz and Mike King invite us into their home to learn about how living life in Europe inspired their unique approach to the spaces and details of their bayfront home in Santa Rosa Beach, embracing a “less is more” Scandinavian-style approach to furnishing the expansive build. 

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