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Niche | Spring-Summer 2023

Constants in life have a habit of being overlooked. We tend to find our joy in activities and events outside of the ordinary. That was, until our “everyday” changed, just three short — yet long — years ago. The small things we took for granted were stripped away and our escapes were shelved for brighter days ahead.

For us, NICHE has been a constant for the past 17 years. Biannually, we tell stories from the community, aggregate the finest properties on the Emerald Coast, and hope to provide entertainment and education to you, our readers. From the cover, our first-ever Artist Series collaboration, to stories deeply rooted in our area, it’s not the novelty of our bustling coastal oasis that provides the most inspiration, but the constants that ensure our community continues to move forward.

We hope you find common ground within these pages — and always find a way to make the constants feel special.